The Power of PR in Building Ongoing Success

RedTree managing director Chris Mitchell was pleased to accept an invitation to speak to delegates at the Children 1st Annual Conference on his favourite subject, ‘The Power of PR.’

RedTree prides itself on becoming part of the team for all its clients and our participation at the 2017 conference of Children 1st Day Nurseries is a perfect illustration of this commitment.

As in previous years, RedTree managing director Chris Mitchell worked with Children 1st directors to plan and then deliver an impressive one day conference to 550 delegates from across the company’s 20 nurseries.

Children 1st Conference 14.01.17-13

The difference this year was that the company allocated time within the schedule for Chris to talk about PR which is testament to the value placed on PR and communications activity by the company.

Chris was privileged to address the delegates about the impact of PR and communications activities in raising awareness of the company’s activities. Through a combination of statistics, reviews, social media and press articles Chris was pleased to showcase the extent of positive media attention Children 1st was receiving.

Whilst providing a valuable insight into the work we do for Children 1st and the value of multi-channel approaches to communications in spreading the news, preparation for the conference also provided colleagues at RedTree with an affirming overview of activity! Its always good to look back over coverage highlights.

Children 1st Conference 14.01.17-163

However, this was not just a ‘look and listen’ presentation. Following Children 1st’s policy on experiential learning, Chris demanded some action from his audience, inviting them to take to their feet, get out their mobile phones and engage in an activity to show the power of social media. A fun way of reinforcing the key message of Chris’ presentation.

Finishing his formal part of the day, Chris thanked all the delegates for their role in building the success of Children 1st   through the continuous supply of interesting stories for RedTree to use to great effect in spreading the word about this very successful and interesting family business.

However, the day was not over as RedTree was on hand until late in the evening sharing the news about award winners and the great 60s themed after party to all social media followers.

Children 1st Conference 14.01.17-548

If you would like to promote your company through the power of PR and communications, RedTree would love to hear from you.