National Media Coverage Ensures Strettons Sells ‘Lordship of Walthamstow’

We are proud to have worked with London based property firm Strettons for over 10 years. A key part of our PR strategy is to deliver regular media coverage for the firm’s property auction department.

Strettons holds 6 national property auctions per year and has sold just over £100 million of property at its sales over the past 18 months. Part of our work is to highlight unique and newsworthy properties that will interest journalists and secure valuable media coverage and links for those Lots.

At its December 2023 sale, Strettons had something truly unique to offer…The Lordship Of Walthamstow.

The Lordship was a genuine English feudal title dating back to before the Norman Conquest of 1066 and brought with it the right for the purchaser to style himself/herself as the Lord or Lady of the Manor of Walthamstow. It had been in the same ownership for over 34 years, but as there were no family members interested in inheriting the Title, the Lord of Walthamstow had decided to put the his Title up for sale by auction with Strettons.

Assessing the story using our HTV methodology, we knew the story was likely to interest the media. We pitched the story to our contacts at the national media via email/phone without the need to spend time creating a perfectly worded press release…and 48 later we secured full page media coverage on Page 2 of The Times. It was also a lead story on The Times website.

This started a snowball effect with other publications picking up the story. The Lord of Walthamstow and Strettons Directors were interviewed on national TV and Radio and the news also featured in other national and regional publications. This coverage also included links back to the Strettons auction website which is valuable for SEO.

The publicity we generated for Strettons, The Lordship of Walthamstow and the auction meant that the Lordship sold for £65,000 on the day.

Overall, the story was featured in the following publications:

The media coverage achieved reached an audience of 16.2 million people.

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