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RedTree PR specializes in securing valuable media coverage for companies that help improve the lives of their customers, staff and communities. We are a PR agency based in Nottingham and provide our services to the East Midlands, London and across the UK

As we adapt into living in a world affected by Covid-19, it will be those companies who make a genuine positive difference to people that will emerge the strongest. The good work they do will enhance their reputation and build long term customer loyalty.

This is not new for us. We have been working with a range of some of the UK’s most dynamic businesses since 2013, securing them media coverage that builds their reputation and fuels their growth.

Our clients include a range of highly successful businesses. We enjoy longstanding client relationships and work with owners and managing directors of some of the UK’s leading companies in their sectors.

By combining our media and business expertise RedTree PR secures regular on message media coverage in influential publications that is seen by millions of people each month.

Human. Topical. Visual.

Our approach is founded on the expertise and values of RedTree PR’s Managing Director Chris Mitchell. We know that if you want positive media coverage for your business – even for business-related topics – you need to make sure your story satisfies three key tests:


Does it have human interest? If it doesn’t, it is very unlikely to be picked up by journalists.


Does it match what journalists see as the stories of the moment? In other words, is it topical? If not, your story will be too early or too late to be of interest.


Does it have visual interest? If you look at the main stories in a publication or online, they are always accompanied by a strong image. If your story isn’t accompanied by a great photo or diagram, it’s unlikely to be used.

We call this our HTV methodology. It is the foundation for our work and is how we achieve help our clients achieve the business outcomes they value. It is also why journalists love working with our clients.

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Praise from journalists

I have worked with Chris and RedTree for several years now and have found the firm’s approach to working with the media to be different from other PR agencies – in a good way. Chris’ emphasis is on building a strong relationship with journalists and working in partnership with them. He also has a deep knowledge of his clients and their areas of expertise, which allows him to quickly provide the information I'm looking for. This helps me inform our readers while ensuring his clients are featured in my stories. ”
Emanuele Midolo
The Times
I work with Chris and RedTree’s client Strettons regularly to cover all things property related. RedTree is great to work with and ensure quality market comment and news is provided quickly. I know I can contact them for a quote, or just to sound Strettons’ Directors out about potential sector issues, and, as a result, Strettons is featured regularly in Property Week.”
Jessica Newman
Property Week
Unlike other PR’s I have dealt with, Chris is great at helping his clients work with the media to provide the required content. His confidence in the expertise of his clients is clear and he does not hesitate to put them forward for comment.”
Ashley Thomas Walsh
New Model Adviser
Chris has always been extremely helpful in providing expert information and case studies quickly. He is great to work with and I come to him regularly. ”
Elizabeth Anderson

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