Communicating Through Covid – TV and Radio Appearances for Strafe Creative

In our latest ‘Communicating Through Covid’ blog post, we focus on our friends and clients at leading Nottingham and London based web agency Strafe Creative.

Strafe’s founders, Ross Davies and Patrick Dolan, are always thinking ahead and it is one of the reasons their company is successful. In the weeks prior to lockdown, having seen the situation in Spain and Italy, Ross and Patrick put plans in place so that their business could remain operational, protect jobs and deliver the work for their clients.

Their informed vision of what lay ahead resulted in an investment of £10,000 in additional IT equipment so their team could work effectively from home when lockdown came. This meant that staff were well-prepared and able to continue business as normal.

Using our HTV methodology, we knew that there was an appetite in the media for stories about firms who were preparing for the potential business and societal impact of Covid.

Having spoken with Strafe Director Ross Davies we pitched the story to the local media. This resulted in coverage in several digital and print business publications and Strafe was also featured on TV twice, on East Midlands Today and Central News.

BBC East Midlands Today Screen Shot - 16.03.2020

Ross also appeared on the Alan Clifford show on BBC Radio Nottingham, providing advice to firms on remote working and how to make the most of their web presence and digital marketing channels to ensure they could sell online effectively – something that went on to become an essential life line for many firms during lockdown.

This has resulted in new project wins and appointments for Strafe and we have continued to report on their success throughout the year.

You would have thought that keeping their business going through Covid would have kept Ross and Patrick busy enough. However, the pair were also well-aware of how devastating the lockdown would be for the most vulnerable people in our society.

Ross and Patrick put their skills to great use and were founding members of Open Kitchens, a not for profit initiative that worked with restaurants which had been closed by the Covid-19 lockdown to provide meals to vulnerable people who were self-isolating. Spearheaded by Go Dine founder Adam Roberts and a team of digital and business experts from across the UK, Open Kitchens has gone on to partner with Hilton Hotels, Capital One, Nottingham Forest Football Club and 52 restaurants to provide meals for vulnerable people. To date, the not for profit initiative has raised over £380,297 and delivered 206,943 meals to people across the country.


Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 06.11.49

Find out more and support Open Kitchens.

If you would like advice on how to ensure your company keeps communicating through Covid in a way that delivers value to your business, we would love to speak with you.

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