What we think


RedTree believes that all companies can ‘Profit with PR’ building your reputation as well as your business. Results matter.

Experienced, driven and results focussed, RedTree de livers targeted public relations activity to ensure our clients stand out within the media, getting them coverage and getting their message heard. RedTree raises profiles and positions its clients as experts in their field.

Create Impact

Every business has something special about it. Rich in potential news stories, all businesses have knowledge and expertise that will be of interest to the media, the public and clients. RedTree aims to get to the root of your uniqueness and share it with your target audience and beyond. Working alongside you, we ensure that your value permeates all your communications, creating clarity of purpose, direction, building relationships and influence that has a measurable commercial impact.

Measured Success

Using an analytical approach to determine what success looks like, RedTree creates communication strategies that harnesses the power of all media channels to build the reputation of your company and create value.


RedTree draws on a wealth of experience to ensure our targeted approach is effective across traditional print and broadcast channels and also across digital and social media.