RedTrees’ Top Tips for Working from Home Productively

As we emerge on the other side of this pandemic, we are getting used to working independently from the comfort of our homes. Although, it can be often be difficult to stay motivated and can feel isolating.

As I have been working remotely since I started in March, here are my top tips for how to work from home productively:

Take breaks from the screen

Too much screen time can be bad for posture and motivation. I found that getting up from my desk and taking a walk to the fridge or getting some fresh air really helped to refocus on tasks and gave me a change of scenery. The excel spreadsheet can wait for a 5 minute cup of tea…!

Set yourself realistic goals

Don’t feel like the whole company work is on your shoulders when you’re working alone. Make sure you’re staying in communication with your team via Zoom calls and emails so you can work collaboratively as if you were in an office space. Chris and I have daily morning calls to discuss what tasks we are setting for the work day ahead!

Switch on your out of office at the end of the day

It’s difficult to keep your work life and home life separate when you’re answering emails from your living room.  Overtime is sometimes encouraged, but I try and have a cut off time to put my laptop away and enjoy my free time in the evenings.

Try to adjust your weekly routine 

Your company may hold weekly traditions of ‘casual dress day’ and ‘drinks Friday’, so make sure you aren’t missing out and treat yourself to the odd change in the basic work day. I always find the last half an hour of a Friday work day goes quicker with a gin and a tonic!

Hannah Evans

Digital PR Specialist